LEAP (Learning Environment for Academic Progress)

The purpose of the LEAP program is to provide academic support for students formally diagnosed with an identified learning difference to help meet the academic expectations of Hyde Park Schools. The program strives to provide a supportive and enriching environment in which students can achieve success by developing and managing strategies for lifelong learning. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide support for each student to embrace his or her abilities and acquire an individualized method of learning to maximize strengths and achieve success within the classroom. Admissions standards are the same for all students who apply to Hyde Park Schools. Admission to Hyde Park Schools may be conditional with enrollment in the LEAP program. While we are experienced and equipped to offer academic support for a variety of learning differences, we are unable to provide special education services such as assistance in the classroom, modifications in the curriculum, including reduced workload, or behavior modification plans.

The elementary LEAP program is available for students in Grades 3-5. Students who are accepted into the elementary LEAP program attend LEAP class three times a week, in addition to small group testing opportunities during the week. The fee for elementary LEAP is $2,500.00 per year in addition to yearly tuition. The LEAP class sessions consist of a small group designed to focus on applying instructional strategies, which align with the classroom curriculum to enhance academic understanding. Students will work on study skills, organizational skills, time management, communication skills, and executive functioning skills, as grade-level appropriate. The LEAP class focuses on curriculum content meant to supplement, but not to replace, dyslexia language therapy for those identified students. Students with a dyslexia or reading deficit diagnosis who have not fully completed a dyslexia language program may need to continue language therapy outside of the LEAP program. The ultimate goal of the elementary LEAP program is to prepare students to be independent self-advocates as they enter middle school. An annual 360 Meeting will be held with parents, the LEAP teacher, and the elementary principal to create an Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP) in accordance with the accommodations supported by the LEAP program.

LEAP Instructional Team

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  • Photo of KimMarie Suhr

    KimMarie Suhr 

    Elementary School Principal
  • Photo of Lisa Gilbert

    Mrs. Lisa Gilbert 

    LEAP Teacher

Admissions into LEAP

The LEAP program is available for students with diagnosed learning differences who have demonstrated that they are academically able, behaviorally able, and independently able to be successful with the HP curriculum with appropriate accommodations. Some students will be accepted with the condition that they are enrolled in the LEAP program. HP is unable to provide special education services such as assistance in the classroom, modifications in curriculum, including reduced workload, or behavior modification plans. 

A complete copy of your child’s full neurological testing dated within the last three years must be submitted with the full application. Students applying to LEAP must indicate on their application and submit the required documents for review by the admissions committee. Some 504 plans are not a complete assessment, and additional assessment may be requested. Complete disclosure is necessary to ensure that the school can meet the needs of your child and that your child will be successful with the HP curriculum. At HP, our goal is to create a close partnership of support between our school and your family.

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