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HP Middle School builds on basic skills in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science and is designed to thoroughly prepare students for our high school’s college preparatory curriculum. Algebra I is given high school credit, but no high school grade points are assigned. Pre-college-level courses (Pre AP) are offered in English in 7th grade and are expanded to include history in 8th grade. Advancement in the math sequence begins in the 7th grade.


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  • Math

    Students at Hyde Park Middle School may start their mathematical coursework by taking one of the following courses: Math 6, Math 7, Pre Algebra, Algebra I. A committee of teachers, counselor, and administrators use the following criteria to place students in the appropriate level of math beginning with 7th grade:

    • CTP4 National Achievement testing results
    • Grades
    • Teacher recommendation
    • Work ethic
    While maturity levels may enter into a student’s placement at the middle school level, students are not locked into one track or another. Students who complete Algebra I during their 8th grade year and receive high school credit must still take four full years of math in high school. Our goal is to give every student the opportunity to take Calculus by the end of their senior year in high school. Students learn to do problems by hand, but are also taught calculator skills. Application is woven into the courses whenever possible.
  • English

    The English Department at Hyde Park Middle School encompasses grades 6, 7, and 8 with Pre-AP as well as non Pre-AP classes. The curriculum requires summer reading. During the school year, all English classes are required to read supplemental novels while concentrating on writing, comprehension and communication skills. The following criteria are used to place students in the appropriate level of English beginning in 7th grade:

    • CTP4 National Achievement Testing Results
    • Grades
    • Teacher recommendation
    • Work ethic
    While maturity levels may enter into a student’s placement at the middle school level, students are not locked into one track or another.
  • Science

    The Hyde Park Middle School Science Department provides an opportunity for students to study Physical, Life, and Earth Sciences while in middle school. The Science Department is pledged to provide its students with a rigorous training in the scientific process, its history, diversity, achievements, and contemporary role in the human quest for knowledge in seeking the Maker of the Universe.
  • Social Studies

    The Social Studies program is built on the knowledge that every student at Hyde Park Middle School will have the responsibility of citizenship in adulthood. Each course is designed to enhance the student's knowledge of our common heritages and our common future. Students in grade 6 study World Cultures, while 7th graders begin with our heritage as Texans and continue in the 8th grade with our heritage in early America. Students have the opportunity to take a Pre-AP social studies class beginning in the 8th grade.
  • Foreign Languages

    Hyde Park Middle School is proud to offer Spanish, Latin, and ASL for high school credit. Please note: current HPHS graduation requirements include three years of foreign language. The modern language of Spanish emphasizes the student’s ability to communicate verbally with native speakers of those languages around the globe. Students balance their language study with cultural studies as they learn to understand elements of other societies.
  • Spiritual Growth

    In middle school, students experience a spectrum of Christian studies each week: Bible classes, Chapel, as well as Advisory (a small group setting helping students grow in social emotional, learning, problem-solving, and respect for each other as individuals). For more information on Spiritual Life @ HP, visit the Spiritual Life section.

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