LEAP (Learning Environment for Academic Progress)

The purpose of the LEAP program is to provide academic support for students formally diagnosed with an identified learning difference to help meet the academic expectations of Hyde Park Schools. The program strives to provide a supportive and enriching environment in which students can achieve success by developing and managing strategies for lifelong learning. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide support for each student to embrace his or her abilities and acquire an individualized method of learning to maximize strengths and achieve success within the classroom. Admissions standards are the same for all students who apply to Hyde Park Schools. Admission to Hyde Park Schools may be conditional with enrollment in the LEAP program. While we are experienced and equipped to offer academic support for a variety of learning differences, we are unable to support behavior modification plans.

Students accepted in the LEAP program will:

  • Attend LEAP classes as an elective class (2-3 times a week for elementary grades, daily for middle and high school)
  • Receive academic support for classroom instruction
  • Learn to implement organizational strategies for increased executive functioning skills
  • Develop individualized strategies for more effective study skills and test preparation
  • Utilize Hyde Park Schools approved individual accommodations
  • Have the opportunity to attend designated afterschool tutorials or test preparation reviews

Hyde Park Leap Department

The LEAP class sessions will consist of a small group designed to focus on applying instructional strategies which align with the classroom curriculum to enhance academic understanding and encourage students to self-advocate in preparation for their future education. LEAP class focuses on curriculum content and is meant to supplement, but not to replace, Dyslexia language therapy for those identified students. Students are able to request accommodations for national achievement testing. Assistance is provided for application through College Board for PSAT/SAT/AP exams and for the ACT test. Official acceptance of testing accommodations is determined by College Board and ACT.

Fall and spring meetings are held each year with the campus LEAP Director, Principal / Counselor / Administrator, parents, and when applicable the student, to discuss the student’s progress and create an Individualized Accommodation Plan. Juniors and seniors will benefit from exploring post secondary options and will work with the LEAP Director to build a well-designed transition plan to foster the self-advocacy skills necessary for a successful transition to college.

Hyde Park High School students who have proven to be successful without daily intervention may apply for the testing-only accommodation option. This option does not include the daily LEAP class or afterschool tutorials, but does offer the approved accommodations for Hyde Park School tests and national tests as approved by College Board and the ACT.

Eligibility decisions for the LEAP program are based primarily on the student’s documented learning difference from a recent, complete, approved psychoeducational evaluation. Incomplete or out-of-date testing may require new assessment. A recommended list of assessors is available for this purpose. A student’s Individualized Accommodation Plan is determined with the recommendations from the full evaluation as approved by Hyde Park Schools. Hyde Park Schools does not make modifications to the curriculum. All documentation will be managed and maintained confidentially by the LEAP Director on each campus. Student assessment profiles are for HP internal use only and are never shared with outside sources. Participation in the program requires a fee in addition to regular tuition. This fee may be applied monthly or with full payment.

LEAP Program Instructional Team

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Hyde Park Schools

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