2020 PSIA Competition

Students participated in the annual PSIA tournament. They have been working all year in preparation for this event and their hard work definitely paid off! Congratulations to all participants for your hard work and dedication to your event! 
A big congratulations to George M., Charlotte C., Emma M., and Halle P. for qualifying for the State Competition! See below for a list of the award winners!

4th Grade
2nd place Listening Skills to qualify for the State Competition
2nd place Art Memory to qualify for the State Competition
3rd and 5th place Mathematics 
4th and 5th place Ready Writing
4th and 6th place in Spelling

5th Grade
1st place in Poetry Interpretation to qualify for the State Competition
5th place in Maps, Graphs, and Charts
5th place Number Sense
6th place Spelling

6th Grade
1st place Music Memory to qualify for the State Competition
3rd place Spelling
5th place Vocabulary

7th Grade
4th place Maps, Graphs, and Charts
6th place Number Sense

8th Grade
2nd place Art Memory
3rd place in Spelling
3rd place On-site Drawing
3rd and 4th place in Maps, Graphs, and Charts

Here's how it works:

Academic competition opportunities begin at the elementary level and continue throughout the HP student's academic career.  Students at the elementary and middle school level participate in Private Schools Interscholastic Association (PSIA), a program that encourages individual student achievement through academic competition. Students compete in such academic areas as Spelling, Creative Writing, Math, Number Sense, Dictionary Skills, Listening Skills, Storytelling, Ready Writing, Prose Interpretation, and Maps, Graphs and Charts. 

Fourth through eighth grade students who score 95% or higher on specific subtests of the CTP4 national achievement test qualify for Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program). Duke TIP allows identified elementary students to participate in online enrichment activities and publications, out of town educational programs , and an opportunity to take the PSAT 8/9 exam. Qualifying seventh graders are invited to take the SAT or the ACT exam, allowing students who score above the average for college-bound seniors to receive additional opportunities for participation in summer programs through Duke University. Hyde Park has approximately 25% of students qualify for this recognition every year! 

In high school, students can add participation in TAPPS Academic Competitions, Youth and Government, and more. Hyde Park's TAPPS Academics Teams have ranked high in regional and state competitions. Youth and Government teams have also consistently ranked among the top against public and private schools across the state. Youth and Government competitions culminate each year at the Texas State Capitol.

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