Q: What universities have you applied to and what are your plans for next year?
I’ve applied to Sam Houston, George Washington University, and Boston College. I’m hoping to major in Criminal Justice and work towards joining the Police Academy.
Q: What advice would you share with incoming freshmen at HP?
Find what you’re passionate about. It’s important to find your nook and/or something that you’re comfortable with. It’s always nice to have something to come back to whether it be sports or art; I wish I had taken more time to find a community to be a part of at HP.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions to both administration and staff. I haven’t met any staff here that I don’t like. I think students forget that they have many resources on campus and that they can always find help. The administration and staff really care about students.
Q: What was your first year at Hyde Park?
My first year was 6th grade.
Q: What is one extracurricular activity that you will remember?
I’m currently taking Yearbook. It’s a lot of work, but well worth it. We’re given the chance to interview people, which I really enjoy. Right now I’m working on the October spread and I’m thankful for having such a patient teacher to help me do certain tasks related to the yearbook.
Q: Why are you confident to head out of state to attend college?
I’m confident because it’s a chance to become independent and it’s something I’ve desired for years. I would finally be able to do something I’m passionate about which is to help people.
Q: What additional thoughts would you like to share about HP?
The one thing I’d share is how I’ve met very genuine people who care a lot about who students are as a people. This is hard to find in public schools and even some private schools. Over the past few years our admin and staff have really helped me. Dr. Creasy has been a great ally for me. More students should utilize their school counselors if they aren’t already. It can also lead to a good recommendation letter for college.
Q: What teacher and/or class impacted your senior year?
English IV with Dr. Bullock. She’s probably been one of my top 3 favorite teachers at HP. She is one of those people who is genuine in her care for students. She is also brilliant and can really lead a class that conforms to what students need. The ways we need to learn can get lost in the classroom and she really takes the time to find that for each student.
Q: “I will always remember…”
I think I will always remember the support that HP has provided for me through some pretty rough times in my life. The support and commitment from the staff and my friends helped remove a lot of stress.
Q: What is an activity at HP that provided confidence for your college years ahead?
Advisory. I think that it can give you a firm foundation in organization and also social standing since we talk about peer pressure. It’s serious and scary for some kids and they might not know how to deal with these situations in college. I think it is smart of the administration to give the opportunity for students to talk to one another about these situations with the input and viewpoint of an adult.
Q: What extracurricular were you involved in at HP?
Yearbook, ASL, Art, and Digital Photography.
When did you start at Hyde Park? And why?
I started during my freshman year. Before that I attended Stiles Middle School. I wanted a smaller environment and a Christian community.
Who have been your favorite teachers? Why?
Ms. Stinson can really relate to me, and I feel comfortable going to her with anything I need. Ms. Becak has also helped me through a lot during my time at Hyde Park.
What extracurricular activities are you involved with?
I played volleyball my freshman year and was in student council 9th-11th. I have also been in the HP Med Club the last two years. And I am a member of NHS.
What is one part of Hyde Park that will influence you after you graduate?
It is so important to keep a planner and stay organized! I thank LEAP for teaching me the importance of this.
How has God impacted your life?
God has shown me that even in hard times good things tend to happen. He has also taught me that He always has a plan for you. I have traveled to Alaska, Spain, and the Bahamas for GoWeek, and God certainly worked through us on those trips.
What are your plans for next year?
I plan on attending college, although I’m not sure where yet. Maybe go to Blinn for a year and transfer to Texas State. We’ll see though.
“I will always remember”: the teachers and the administration at Hyde Park for always helping me and believing in me.
What advice do you have for any incoming students to Hyde Park?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. And say on top of your work, it’s important!

Cole Sayre has two real passions in life.  The first is football. The second is videography.  He is self-taught and his abilities haven’t gone unnoticed.  Cole has been asked to film weddings and create short films for non-profits.  After a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, Cole was asked to create a video of the event that was then shown to 10,000 people. This is just a small sample of the filming he has done over the past couple years.  His desire is to major in film and TV production.
An Eagle Scout, Cole was awarded the very prestigious Life Saving Award.  While surfing in Costa Rica, he saved a man who was drowning.  The man had been hit in the head by his own surfboard and never resurfaced.  Cole dove down to rescue him.  The man was not breathing, but Cole, with the help of the man’s friend, was able to get the man on top of a surfboard and paddle him to safety, while stabilizing his head and neck.

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