Cole Sayre has two real passions in life.  The first is football. The second is videography.  He is self-taught and his abilities haven’t gone unnoticed.  Cole has been asked to film weddings and create short films for non-profits.  After a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, Cole was asked to create a video of the event that was then shown to 10,000 people. This is just a small sample of the filming he has done over the past couple years.  His desire is to major in film and TV production.
An Eagle Scout, Cole was awarded the very prestigious Life Saving Award.  While surfing in Costa Rica, he saved a man who was drowning.  The man had been hit in the head by his own surfboard and never resurfaced.  Cole dove down to rescue him.  The man was not breathing, but Cole, with the help of the man’s friend, was able to get the man on top of a surfboard and paddle him to safety, while stabilizing his head and neck.
When did you start at Hyde Park? And why?
I started during my freshman year. Before that I attended Stiles Middle School. I wanted a smaller environment and a Christian community.
Who have been your favorite teachers? Why?
Ms. Stinson can really relate to me, and I feel comfortable going to her with anything I need. Ms. Becak has also helped me through a lot during my time at Hyde Park.
What extracurricular activities are you involved with?
I played volleyball my freshman year and was in student council 9th-11th. I have also been in the HP Med Club the last two years. And I am a member of NHS.
What is one part of Hyde Park that will influence you after you graduate?
It is so important to keep a planner and stay organized! I thank LEAP for teaching me the importance of this.
How has God impacted your life?
God has shown me that even in hard times good things tend to happen. He has also taught me that He always has a plan for you. I have travelled to Alaska, Spain, and the Bahamas for GoWeek, and God certainly worked through us on those trips.
What are your plans for next year?
I plan on attending college, although I’m not sure where yet. Maybe go to Blinn for a year and transfer to Texas State. We’ll see though.
“I will always remember”: the teachers and the administration at Hyde Park for always helping me and believing in me.
What advice to you have for any incoming students to Hyde Park?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. And say on top of your work, it’s important!

Hyde Park Schools

Hyde Park Schools is a private Christian school system offering an excellent, Christ-centered, college preparatory Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade education at multiple campuses in Austin, Texas.