Hyde Park Senior Featured on PBS Road Nation

Roadtrip Nation is TV documentary on PBS that allows students in both college and high school to travel around the country visiting colleges. Hundreds of thousands of applicants fought for a position but only three students in Texas were chosen. Gavin Flanagan (11) was one of these students.
Flanagan traveled with the documentary team for Road Trip visiting several universities including Texas State, Austin Community College, and The University of Texas. “I enjoyed interviewing very important people. It was really cool having a documentary crew follow you around all of the time,” Flanagan said. “I loved Texas State because it is a good school and it is good for teaching. I want to get a degree in teaching, so it works out perfectly,” said Flanagan who says he wants to be a high school English teacher and then move on to inspire more people.
“My biggest take away from this experience, which I heard from a majority of the people I interviewed, is that no matter where you start or what you start out with, you don’t necessarily have to end up there,” he said. “We talked to people who got a degree in Criminal Law but ended up going on to be entrepreneurs.”

Hyde Park Schools

Hyde Park Schools is a private Christian school system offering an excellent, Christ-centered, college preparatory Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade education at multiple campuses in Austin, Texas.